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I'm on a mission to build the future of television at Pluto TV, leading a team of incredible talented software engineers for the Apple platform.

My blog is a collection all my favorite things: software, architecture, tech industry, side-projects, and marketing.

15 Seconds Bio

I lead the Apple Tech Lead for Pluto TV. We build the company's iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and macOS apps.

I joined the company 1 year after its foundation. It was acquired by ViacomCBS by $340M in January 2019. Pluto TV offers free TV for the masses via the internet. It is the lead player in the segment and it has been featured many times in the Apple AppStore, Roku and Google Play Store 🚀

I've been programming sincee sixteen. I love to code.

I publish updates of my projects at my workshop page, my thoughts on leadership at Tech Lead Zone, my intuition about the future at Next Decade Online.

I am contributing to bring even more people online by 2030.

São Paulo resident 🇧🇷

Major in Advertising and Propaganda.

Favorite country: France 🇫🇷

Favorite book of 2019: Dream Big.

Favorite band: The 1975.

Favorite genres: House, Techno, Indie Rock.

Fun fact: Thiago is portuguese for James.

First picture of 2020

My Mission on Earth

I'm on a mission to build the best possible free television app for the Apple platform at Pluto TV 🍎. My work leverage my vision and desire to bring to more and more people access to entertainment and information via the internet, for free.

I write about my intuition and thoughts on leadership at my other blog, Tech Lead Zone 👨‍💻; the future of (remote) work, relationships and the digital world at Next Decade Online 🔮; my manifesto and insights on how to bring more people to the internet at More People Online (en) and Mais Gente Online (pt) 🙌.

My company's blog, Ghost Ship Tech 👻🛳, is where I publish my published projects and applications. Meu Pote de Ouro 💰 is where I publish how I honestly organize my finances as a software engineer, and how I advice my friends on money (only in portuguese).

Opinions posted on this site and the others I own are mine to share, they do not reflect the point of view of Pluto TV or ViacomCBS.

Sunday afternoon @ São Paulo

Connect with me

Reach me out on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. DMs are opened.

If you'd like to me to speak at your event, or if you would like technical advise or you are someone looking for mentorship, email me at thiago@ghostship.co

I give talks on the following topics (in portuguese or english):

  1. The Tech Lead path for software engineers.
  2. Unidirectional Data Flow architecture with Swift.
  3. The ethics of working remote.