Posted by | January 15, 2018
How IoT, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and more trends will shape 2018

The year has begun, and many topics keep getting attention from the community. You probably have stumbled with some of the following trends Gartner, HubSpot and Forbes. Check it out!

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Posted by | November 23, 2017
How to write a decay function in Python

Although simple, it took me some time to visualize both functions are equal but written in different forms.

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Posted by | August 9, 2017
Understanding Expectation Maximization and Soft Clustering

This powerful algorithm will give you, for each data point you have, a vector of probabilities. Each probability will refer to each cluster you are trying to assign the data point to. Based on that, you can put the point to the cluster it is more probable to belong to.

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Posted by | July 20, 2017
K-Means Clustering: A very simple overview

A quick draft about K-Means Clustering, what it is, what it does and how to get started with it using SKLearn.

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