Posted by | January 15, 2018
How IoT, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and more trends will shape 2018

The year has begun, and many topics keep getting attention from the community. You probably have stumbled with some of the following trends Gartner, HubSpot and Forbes. Check it out!

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Posted by | December 4, 2017
The Hard Part of Being a Highly Respected Person

Yesterday, I save an article about 7 Qualities of People Who Are Highly Respected. Although the click-bait-ish title, the story is good. I kept it a while ago, and I didn’t remember. It was an excellent refresher of how difficult some things are in day-by-day life.

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Posted by | December 3, 2017
2017 was the Year of Subscriptions: a Rough Draft

What was a utopia years ago, today is commonplace. But it is not new: the internet has widely increased its adoption. Telecoms have always used this model. What is your monthly phone bill, but a payment to a subscription plan of your choice?

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Posted by | November 22, 2017
What sort of problems make a newbie an expert?

More thoughtfully, what sort of specific problems should one be able to solve in order to consider him or herself an expert? At least in Tech, the impostor syndrome haunts many people. I admit I got myself in this trap ever now and then. But today one thought came to mind, what make an expert?

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