How IoT, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and more trends will shape 2018

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The year has begun, and many topics keep getting attention from the community. You probably have stumbled with some of the following trends Gartner, HubSpot and Forbes.

  • 5G: new connectivity speed is coming, and that means more opportunities to platforms that need low latency and high-quality connection, like VR applications and 4K video streaming;
  • Artificial Intelligence will become mainstream. Many models and techniques are already known, and it is expected more professionals to start using it in their business;
  • Voice and Virtual Assistants will become smarter thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence and data gathering;
  • Virtual Reality and Immersive Experience appears to be hot yet, although I don’t share this trend, personally. I’m open to seeing what other companies will do with this technology, though.
  • Conversational Platforms will drive a paradigm shift in which the burden of translating intent shifts from user to computer.
  • Smart cities and that includes smart cars: innovation is pushing through the resistance of having self-driving cars on the streets, as citizens receive instructions on how to handle this new reality.
  • Blockchain continues to disrupt an entire industry and the gold rush for mining cheap cryptocurrencies worms up. I believe, in the more far feature, we will start using a local cryptocurrency for things besides speculation.
  • Internet of Things has still a lot of potentials, it will allow more things, that weren’t before connected to the internet, to link with the hub and share information about each other.

2018 is a blank page

The new year is here, and I bet it will be very excited. How about you? What trend would you bet that would cause the most impact by the end of this year?

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