The 2020 pandemic allowed many individuals to find new hobbies and ways of spending their time alone. I got hooked on Macroeconomics, Accounting and Crypto. I am devouring all content in the internet about it and I want to explain how I understood it on my blog.

And it's all Graham Stephan's fault.

When I was vegetating at home browsing YouTube non-stop during my weekend lockdown afternoons, the infamous algorithm suggested me the following video about Graham's non-luxurious millionare life.

That really got me thinking it would be a good idea to get my license to transact real state, which is possibly the second best license to have, only behind a license to kill. (jk)

I didn't apply yet for the Realtor training (but will), but then I got sucked into the YouTube rabbit hole of personal finance.

I found Meet Kevin YouTube channel and binged it non-stop. Then the Algorithm poked me with George Gamon and his hilarious but mind-opening whiteboard videos, I watched it all to exhaustion. Then Joseph Brown's underdog channel Heresy Financial which has an unique way of expressing macroeconomics and it is set to explode in popularity given the quality of content he produces. And finally I discover Coin Bureau, which counts with Guy's analytical and entertaining take on everything crypto.

I got educated on finances by YouTube, it is ironic and mindblowing. I got hooked.

It comes to show how it is not the content, but the teacher who sparks the interest on the student on a giving subject.

When I studied investments by my own, just to be slightly compentent enough to manage my wealth, I got bored easily with the topic. Today I know it is a way too important topic to be taught uninterestently, and boy, there are a lot of boring content out there trying to educate the population on this.

I have developed my point of view on how capital works, based on what I have been learning by myself. It is far from complete - which I love, because I can have even more fun consuming it - but it is enough so I can share online.

I think I can add to the conversation, specially because I can spice it with the mindset of a software engineer. And that's what I will use this blog for, so if you are interested in get to learn more about money, finances, capital, debt and wealth, buckle up and welcome. It is going to be a funny ride.