Posted by | September 3, 2017
Instapaper Sunday, September 3rd

Code is not literature, performing a Pull Request Review, brain foods, reasons to avoid code ownership, blockchains can fight fake news and filter bubbles and Google launches ARCore SDK.

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Posted by | August 27, 2017
Instapaper Sunday, August 27th

Regrets when leaving a job, no americans save for retirement, finding fibonacci in golden trees, good comments explained and tips for entrepreneurs.

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Posted by | August 20, 2017
Instapaper Sunday, August 20th

High-quality video with less rebuffing using machine learning, advantages of dirty code, algorithmic accountability, how to be a responsible developer and advice for millennials.

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Posted by | August 13, 2017
Instapaper Sunday, August 13th

Predict the future with Machine Learning, blockchains can build communities, build resilience and the important things in life.

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Posted by | August 6, 2017
Instapaper Sunday, August 6th

Money won't make you happy; Time to say goodbye to Snapchat; Small business using IoT and beauty on Verbal Expressions.

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Posted by | July 17, 2017
🎧 Mixtape of July, 17th

This week highlight goes to City Limits, from Hamster.

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Posted by | July 9, 2017
🔗 Instapaper Sunday, July 9th: Anti-Goals, Surviving Open-Source, Mentorship for Career in Tech and more

On this week, I had the following readings that were very insightful: Anti-goals, finding mentors in tech, chatbots are bad, surviving open-source.

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Posted by | July 2, 2017
🔗 Instapaper Sunday, July 2nd: Money, code readability, small talks skills, sport teams

Getting money first, build company later; Design your code for readability; Understand Big-O, Get to level up your small talk game and read more about treating your work colleagues like a sport team.

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