Posted by | July 16, 2017
🔗 Instapaper Sunday, July 16th: Zen of programming, Lessons on bootcamp, Pull requests

Zen and the art of programming, 5 Lessons My Bootcamp Didn't Teach Me, Surfacing Hidden Change to Pull Requests, The Genius Problem-Solving Method Elon Musk Learned From Aristotle, The Internet is fucked (again), DoNotPay launches 1,000 new bots to help you with your legal problems.

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Posted by | July 9, 2017
🔗 Instapaper Sunday, July 9th: Anti-Goals, Surviving Open-Source, Mentorship for Career in Tech and more

On this week, I had the following readings that were very insightful: Anti-goals, finding mentors in tech, chatbots are bad, surviving open-source.

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