The Hard Part of Being a Highly Respected Person

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Yesterday, I save an article about 7 Qualities of People Who Are Highly Respected. Although the click-bait-ish title, the story is good. I kept it a while ago, and I didn’t remember. It was an excellent refresher of how difficult some things are in day-by-day life.

From the list, I think I have the most difficulty in listening well and letting go of anger.

One characteristic I try to change in myself every day is to pay attention to what other people have to say, genuinely. Most of the time is not disrespect; it is that I have my mind in so many things, so many thoughts that I find difficult to focus on something outside my head. Thankfully, practicing meditation every day is helping me to overcome this challenge.

As for letting go of anger, I’m a very calm person, to everybody else. Inside my head, I’m on fire sometimes due to some opinions, but I chose to remain quiet. Perhaps that’s the first step towards truthfully letting go of anger, or maybe I am just suppressing it until it explodes.

Nevertheless, I believe to be respectful to others is a must-have quality in today’s world. One should practice it tenaciously. I’m doing my part.

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Thiago Ricieri

I'm software engineer at Pluto TV, working on iOS, Android and Roku platforms. Personally interested in machine learning, algorithms, data science and tech industry. I travel a lot and take good pictures.

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