More about me


I’m a software engineer at Pluto TV. 👨‍💻

I’ve been programming since 16 years old and have proven ability to develop good looking application design and top performance apps for the App’s Stores. I specialized in Mobile front-end, but I came from a background of all sort of levels of software architecture, such as computer graphics, game development, back-end, web platform and web development.

I’ve worked with many platforms and I love to learn new ones. iOS, both Objective-C and Swift, Android, Roku, Chromecast, JavaScript/ECMAScript, Node.js, React and SQL are the main ones in my résumé. I’m currently learning (and fascinated by) Python, Kotlin and Machine Learning.


Honestly, my work is my life.

I cannot imagine myself without ever getting near of a computer again. But if there’s something I like as much as computing is traveling. I’ve been to many places already and my bucket list is far from ending. Currently I live in Curitiba, Brazil 🇧🇷, but you can see at the footer of my blog my current location.

I also love languages. I speak portuguese (native), french, german, english and I’m learning spanish and italian. That’s why I love to code for the machines and write for the humans.


I’m easy-going, pragmatic, rational and diplomatic. I don’t like to waste my time with things I can’t change and prefer to invest in what I can do to achieve a goal. I love to take pictures, play with effects and code all the time. I know how to write and communicate and I like to have things organized. I’m a dog person and I prefer the day over the night.