Simple newsletter sign-up form using Webpack 4.5.0 and MongoDB

Mail letters
Image credit to: Pexels

In this cloudy saturday 🌧, I took sometime to ship a new feature for my blog engine in Node.js: I included a simple newsletter sign-up form that uses Webpack 4.5.0 to bundle a class written in ECMAScript 2016 and communicates with a self-contained API in the blog engine that writes that information in a MongoDB instance.

Check out my pull request to see what has changed. I've called this feature Penpals and anybody that signs in will receive a direct e-mail from me, just for fun.

I think the next enhancement in this feature will be to add a notification service to let me know when a new email is subscribed, so I can easily start conversations on my inbox 📬.

Tags: signup, newsletter, webpack 4.5.0, mongodb, nodejs, javascript, ecmascript